About Me

Hi, I’m Blazej Szpakowicz.*

(* Weird name, I know; It’s pronounced “BWA-zhey

I’ve always been a writer. I was inventing worlds and characters and stories when I was child, and have continued doing so ever since.

I haven’t always been an editor (has anybody?), but I’ve long been the guy whom other writers turn to when they need a beta reader or a critiquer or a proofreader.

And if you enjoy something and are good at it, then why not do it for a living?

(Yes, that sentence starts with a conjunction. And yes, that’s perfectly acceptable, whatever your high school English teacher might have told you. See? You’re getting editorial advice already!)

My background is in academia. I have a PhD in History from the University of Cambridge and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Ottawa. All told, I spent over fifteen years as a student, teaching assistant and professor, and both wrote and corrected reams of essays—corrected them not only for grammar and spelling but also for clarity of expression and strength of logical argument.

I have copy-edited, line edited and critiqued a wide range of fiction and non-fiction writing, ranging from science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories to historical fiction and memoirs to self-help books to academic essays and papers. My interests include such diverse topics as the history of the English language, Japanese anime and manga, British television, video games, and professional wrestling. I have also completed TESOL/TEFL certification, and much of my editorial experience involves working with writers for whom English is a second language.

As a writer, meanwhile, I have over fifteen years’ experience in academic writing, including an award-winning Master’s thesis in History at the University of Ottawa. I’ve also been writing science fiction and fantasy for about as long as I can remember. As a writer of fiction, I’ve critiqued and been critiqued—so I personally know how painful it can be to put your work out there and how important it is to treat authors with tact and respect!

So, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments, or to get a quote or arrange a free sample edit. Whatever you need, I’m here to help!

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